A New Year, A New Me?

What are your New Year’s resolutions? 

My answer to that question is usually, “I don’t have any.” For me, it’s kind of like the idea of Valentine’s day; it’s nice to go out and enjoy an expensive dinner, but I don’t need a Holiday to show you how much I love and appreciate you every day. So, for me, the same goes for New Year’s resolutions. I try my hardest to be a good person and treat myself and others with respect the entire year through; I don’t need a “restart,” if you will.

That said, I do recognize that there is something beautiful and meaningful in reflecting on an entire year of your life and admitting that you didn’t do everything the way you maybe should have. Or perhaps, that you should do things a little differently. We all say it, “Wow, where does the time go?” It’s surprising that there are 8,760 hours in a year and yet they escape us as fast as they arrive. So, without making resolutions that I just assume let fall by the wayside by March, I’ve reflected on some things that I want the 2017 me to make more of an effort to nurture.

1. Be more patient with my Little Man.

He’s 7 months to start the new year and he’s my favorite person in the world. But, as any parent knows, our children can test our patience beyond belief. I will challenge myself to remember in EVERY moment, that the new World is big and bright to him and being stimulated my it is a good thing. So, when changing his diaper takes 5 minutes, when it should only take 1, I need to revel in it. And when he throws his food across the room, he’s only discovering cause and effect and I need to welcome that. In 2017, I will welcome every moment as an opportunity to get to know who my Son is becoming and guide him into being a respectable, loving, and considerate person. In 2017, I will remind myself every day that patience is a virtue.

2. Be more kind to my Husband and be more open to intimacy. 

After so many years together, bills, full-time jobs, no privacy time, having a baby, daily routines of mundane tasks, and many of the other testing things that infiltrate a relationship, it’s hard to see each other as autonomous creatures. We work as a team in almost every thing we do and at the end of the day it’s hard to not want to be away from each other and be alone. In 2017, I will find passion for my Husband again. I will find a moment in every day to talk to the man, not the Husband or the Father. I will be open to romance and spontaneity. I will be his best friend again, his girlfriend, his wife, and his partner. In 2017 I will say I love you every day, because I do, and that should never get lost in the mundane.

3. Find more time for adult interaction. 

Being a stay-at-home Mom I center myself around my home, what needs to be done, my Son, errands, etc…I realize, at times, that I don’t have conversations with human beings other than my Husband, my baby, and my cat (my first-born). Let’s face it, I love spending time with my family. My Husband and I have become homebodies and we actually prefer it. That said, I’d appreciate a little more balance. We, or I, have to separate every now and again to go to lunch with friends, have a beer, go to an adult gathering or two. In 2017, I’ll seek balance and build friendships.

4. Put down my phone.

Simple. Life is out here, not in there. In 2017, I will remember to use my phone as a functioning device, not an escape. There is no need to make time go by faster than it already is; in the end, to only have status updates to show for it. This will allow me to watch my Son more when he doesn’t think I’m looking. It will allow me to make eye contact to the people speaking to me. I will, perhaps, sleep better and save my neck from “text neck.” This one is simple and leads me to my next reflection…

5. Be present in every moment.

In 2017, I will be more mindful to exist in the now. I wont let distractions take away from what really matters to me. And I don’t just mean physical distractions like the television, loud neighbors, the internet…I’m also talking about clearing my mind so that nothing will take me away from the moments and people who deserve my attention. In 2017, I will remember to absorb life and let nothing falsely engage me.

6. Water my plants more.

Many of them I’ve had for years and I’ve moved them from state to state, apartment to house, back to apartment. They’ve even lived in a basement for a short time. They’ve had many different views of the world and at times, not as much sunlight as they deserved. Through it all, they’ve remained loyal to me and my family. They recycle our carbon dioxide and provide us with fresh oxygen every single day. They need more love and nourishment than I give them. In 2017, I will recognize them as loyal, living, and breathing entities and I will love and treat them as such.

7. Carve out more ‘me’ time.

Everybody needs to find things that nourish their souls. It’s not enough to just know what these things are and enjoy them every once in a while. It’s important to find a moment in every day to nurture yourself and create balance. Without a completely nourished and patient you, you can’t nourish anyone else in your life. For me, I have a wonderful and deserving Husband, a beautiful and brilliant 7 month old, and a passionate cat that is the most loyal and caring friend I’ve ever had. These boys deserve a refreshed and fulfilled me. In 2017, I will love, appreciate, and accept myself and who I am more.

Hello, 2017! Welcome To The World!




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