I grew up with my Father, my Brother, and my Uncle, in Los Angeles from 6 months of age. My Brother played sports and my Dad and Uncle were usually the coaches. On any given day, there was usually a stream of friends and teammates of my Brother’s camped out at my house. I grew up wearing my Brother’s old hand-me-downs, skinning my knees, and playing stickball with my shirt off, just like one of the boys. I was a tomboy through and through. I probably heard a little more “boy talk” at an early age, than I should have, but hey, I quickly learned what to expect when I got older.

When I was 28, I moved from Los Angeles to Omaha, Nebraska, where I had a little bit of family and a lot of change. No one ever thought I’d stay, but I didn’t really mind the differences. It’s a whole other world in the Midwest, than what I am used to, but I guess you could say here is where my life blossomed. I like to think I experienced everything in Los Angeles that I needed to, to mature me for this stage of my life.

I met my Husband within the first year of living here and three years later, we were married. One year after that, we had our first child.  We’re parents now and the ride has been a scenic one, to say the least. We’re two clumsy, accident-prone people, with significant never-ending bad luck, raising a baby and it’s beautiful.

So, here I am, a first time Mom and fairly new wife, at age 35. I’ve been a lot of different people in my life, but this once lanky, straggly-haired, tomboy has grown up to become the Mother of a boy that absolutely exudes the most genuine beauty. He’s so perfect, in fact, that I feel like I am screwing him up on a daily basis. Which, from what I hear, is a parent’s right of passage. Having experienced everything that I have in my life, I wonder if I should feel more prepared. But I guess that’s where the beauty is; In all the trial and error mistakes that we call parenthood. I’m learning as I go and I’m an open book about the many many ways I fail the first time around. That said, my boys are happy and healthy and so very much loved.